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Ensuring a healthy mobile ecosystem involves numerous interdependent factors. Streamline has tackled the challenges of Mobile Ecosystem Management and its related aspects over many years.


This has led to the creation of the IENTERPRISE©️ Suite, which transforms how companies provision, maintain and support their ecosystem. We have developed a library of applications and tools that equips business operations with the most potent toolkit available for enterprise mobility management, offering streamlined processes, enhanced productivity, and improved security.


The intuitive and easy-to-use solutions are designed with operations staff in mind, simplifying device management and analytics.

Key Features Include:


  • Eliminating provisioning inconsistencies and seamless integration with MDM solutions

  • Maintaining OS and application versions for device security and performance

  • Monitoring all platforms in the Mobile Ecosystem to identify issues and pinpoint root causes easily

  • Equipping support personnel with single-pane-of-glass tools and processes to shorten mean time to resolution and increase first-call resolution rates

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