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Data on a Touch Pad

What We Do

Streamline is a uniquely experienced mobile product engineering and managed services organization dedicated to delivering and operating end-to-end Retail Mobility experiences. Our senior-level strategists and architects collaborate with your teams to understand your needs and customize a mobile solution that fits your requirements.

Our Philosophy

The use of mobile devices in the enterprise space is growing exponentially and will continue to do so. The primary reason for that growth is flexibility. A mobile workforce provides companies with options that are changing the way business is done. IT teams need to adapt. That's where Streamline comes in. There are many interacting layers in the mobile space and they need to function in an organization's existing IT environment: an ecosystem. Streamline's strategies and tools are designed by mobile experts and developers that have a wealth of knowledge in all aspects of a Mobile Ecosystem and use that experience to ensure your immediate needs are met and future goals will be achieved.


Retail Mobility

Resolve issues before the user notices there is an issue. With comprehensive data analysis throughout your ecosystem and automated remediation, your users can focus on the task at hand with complete confidence in the technology they need to do it.


Mobile App Development

Mitigate risk and optimize performance. Leveraging vast industry experience, we mitigate the risks involved with software development with a standard framework to deliver secure, scalable and supportable solutions to our customers.


Enterprise Support

Support and resolution management is the foundation of a thriving Mobile Ecosystem. We enable support with tools and solutions that reduce Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) and maximizing Return on Investment (ROI). By simplifying the ecosystem components we elevate your service desk support capabilities immediately.


Device Lifecycle Automation

With large deployments provisioning can be a time-consuming endeavor. Our methodology and solutions will consistently and efficiently provision devices correctly the first time and get them into the hands of the end-users that need them.

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