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Empower Your Workforce.

As technology continue to evolve, the products and solutions available to empower your workforce do as well. Options to increase the volume and efficiency of device deployment and management, as well as frontline productivity solutions are readily available to take business operations to the next level.

Streamline has an arsenal of experienced engineers and developers that will implement innovative technologies that will maximize your technological investments and seamlessly integrate with your ecosystem.

  • Easily deploy and manage thousands of devices from a centralized platform

  • Remove the burden of IT staff and frontline employees to maintain security measures and software updates

  • Increase productivity with user-specific tools and applications

  • Maximize management platform performance with intuitive architecture to utilize the latest enhancements and capabilities

  • Integrate directory services with enrollment programs and internal systems 

Product Engineering

In a today's world, there are a myriad of ways to provide your frontline with the ability to perform their tasks within a single application, transform your processes with a robust DevOps tool or improve your quality assurance practices.

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Solution Architecture

Optimize the performance of existing and future technologies by utilizing platforms that perform essential tasks and integrate with your current ecosystem. The right solution architecture will ease the day-to-day burden of IT teams and provide the best experience for your frontline.

Device Automation

Simplify device deployment and provisioning, ensure constant security compliance and decrease the impact to support staff with an automated solution that features the latest innovations in device management and hardware. It's as simple as plugging in your mobile device.

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