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Enterprise Manager©️ & Smart Support©️

Work Smarter, Not Harder


The Enterprise Manager© and Smart Support© tool provide support teams with insight into the entire mobile ecosystem, enabling them to diagnose and resolve issues quickly. Enterprise Manager© provides intuitive, comprehensive analytics dashboards, and Smart Support© means support teams no longer need training on multiple systems, as it provides all the necessary details in one place with a straightforward display and actions.

Save Time & Money


Enterprise Manager© and Smart Support© drastically decrease the mean time to resolution (MMTR) for support tickets, increasing ROI and maximizing end-user productivity.


  • Reduce average support desk call times

  • Increase first-call resolution and decrease mean time to resolution

  • Faster diagnosis and root cause analysis to avoid systemic outages

  • Pinpoint escalation paths to Tier 2 and 3

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Key Features


  • Monitor everything in your mobile ecosystem,
    including mobile devices, network appliances, printers, and payment devices

  • Open API framework for easy integration with existing tools

  • User-friendly interface requiring minimal training

  • One-click issue resolution

  • Multi-lingual support

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