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The impact mobile devices have on the way we do business continues to rise. Implementing and maintaining a strong device management strategy will enable your workforce and ensure the security and compliance standards set by your organization are always in place. 

Streamline provides mobile device management expertise to develop the most efficient and intuitive device management strategies specific to your organization's needs. 

  • Manage thousands of devices from one centralized platform

  • Ensure software and security updates are applied across your organization

  • Improve asset tracking and lifecycle management

  • Alleviate day-to-day management and support to focus on your organization's primary initiatives

Secure Mobile Access

The right mobile strategy will ensure your workforce has access to the applications they need and enforce security and compliance measures to keep your company data safe.

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Simplify the security and management of iOS, Android, macOS and Windows devices.

Protect business apps and data on personal devices and keep user content private.

Configure identity and access management to securely authenticate users at login.

Maximize Workforce Productivity 

Easily deploy and update native applications and business productivity applications from app stores to ensure your workforce has all the tools they need. The right device management strategy will ensure that any employee that relies on mobile devices has the required resources specific to their use case.

  • Easily deploy apps to any device based one department or role

  • Apply software and security updates with no need for user action

  • Allow flexibility for BYOD users to use any device and OS 

What We Do

Your solution is in good hands. Streamline provides expertise in development, implementation, and operations support to ensure that you get the most out of your solution and are prepared for the future. The level of Streamline involvement is up to you, but here are some of the things our experts can provide:

  • Partner with IT and corporate security teams to develop the mobile strategy to fit your organization's specifications

  • Configure and deploy mobile device management (MDM) platforms using the latest industry standards and best practices

  • Dedicate experienced engineers to your organization for the management and support of your MDM platform.

  • Provide training and ongoing consultation to IT teams to empower your organization to manage the solution 

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