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Mobile Device Management at the enterprise level is becoming more complex. Automation enables enterprises to deploy, manage and standardize your Apple devices, maximizing your investment in mobility. Automation ensures devices are up-to-date and secure to your corporate standards real time.

Streamline, in partnership with Apple Professional Services, provides a tailored solution focused on simplifying the management of your iOS devices and reducing IT and support costs. Streamline will assist you from strategic planning and ROI modeling to workflow development, implementation and continued optimization. With Streamline’s expertise, your organization will leverage the most innovative device management solution available. 

  • Automate zero-touch deployments

  • iOS update management

  • Minimize configuration errors

  • Simplify migration to new devices or MDM platforms

  • Reduce IT and support costs

  • Security posture enforcement and compliance checks


What Can Automation Do?

Implementing an automated solution can reduce configuration issues due to human error, ensure software updates are completed and enforce security measures. The solution integrates with your current iOS MDM platform, Apple Business Manager and directory services, such as Active Directory.

Streamline offers three levels of engagement regarding your automated solution:


Solution Hardware

Streamline is a partner and certified reseller of Bretford Manufacturing, which manufactures sync hardware that is the standard bearer in compatibility with Apple products. Our experts work with your organization to determine the hardware that will best fit your needs, no matter the size or complexity of your solution.

Bretford Drawer.png
Bretford locker.png
Bretford Cart.png

Streamline Services

Streamline’s experience and expertise with Apple’s automation software will ensure you get the most out of your custom device management solution. Our experts will be there to develop a workflow that seamlessly integrates into your ecosystem and make sure that workflow evolves with the latest technology. 

Streamline optimizes your solution by:

  • Architecting High Level Design to integrate with your MDM platform, directory service

  • Ensuring all corporate security standards are met

  • Customizing scripts to function with any iOS MDM

  • Providing best practices for workflow enhancements to increase efficiency 

  • Facilitating migration to a new device and/or MDM solution

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