Why Streamline

Streamline is Enterprise Mobility

Streamline is enterprise mobility. The business world is experiencing a revolution, a digital transformation we're told. But what does that mean? At Streamline we see this as a massive pivot in both customer and employee expectations, to interact via mobile driven experiences. In an increasingly competitive landscape, this movement is defined by mobile applications tailored to provide rich experiences and elegant interfaces. Mobile is no longer an after-thought or a re-wrapped desktop app, crammed into a mobile interface. Mobile is now the first iteration of many applications and we see this trend increasing, following the trend of consumer applications. However, creating and operating mobile applications at scale, with enterprise security and compliance, is extremely challenging relative to consumer-grade applications. This is where Streamline shines, helping enterprise business successfully navigate a "Mobile First" world.

Founded in 2010, Streamline offers custom developed mobility solutions across all platforms to support business transformation. Use cases are wide and varied from retail enablement, transportation, manufacturing, and now IoT solutions. We also offer operationalization solutions that allow businesses to reduce costs and ensure success by outsourcing mobility solution operations to Streamline.

Internally, we drive a culture of creativity, innovation, and passion to develop solutions that will be highly transformative for our customers. Streamline holds itself to an exceptionally high delivery standard, ensuring clients see high adoption rates, and realize true business value. This is digital transformation as we see it, and the urgency around mobile engagement is high.

Streamline begins with our most important asset:

Our people. We believe a positive work environment that motivates contributes directly to long-term professional and personal growth.

We are accountable and take responsibility for our work, using informed perspectives to guide good judgement and continually gather information to understand.

Teamwork is core and we believe exponentially better outcomes are created when we work together.

Actively building positive working relationships, being transparent, having the right conversations and keeping commitments is one of our strengths

We operate with a sense of urgency, are resourceful and adaptable.

Working Here Means:

  • Motivating leadership in management
  • An enterprising, creative, energetic team that keeps you going no matter what
  • Some of the best perks in benefits apart from the intangible better ones above


We Love Challenging Projects.