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Mobile Ecosystem

 Enterprise mobility solutions present unique challenges to be secure, stable and efficient. Tightly coupled mobile technology layers require a paradigm shift from traditional IT silos. Streamline provides unique and innovative products and services to optimize the mobile ecosystem and maximize productivity.

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Our Offerings

Managed Mobile Operations

Mobile Security

Mobile Ecosystems consist of many layers that must work together to thrive. Streamline will simplify your operations with full device lifecycle management to ensure consistency and predictability across all platforms. From device provisioning to support, our automated solutions and unparalleled industry experience will maximize the performance of your devices and your workforce.

In a mobile world, new threats are around every corner. Our strategies and solutions are designed to ensure that your devices are equipped with the latest security policies, while keeping operating systems and applications up to date to keep your data safe.

Enterprise Mobility Strategy

We simplify Mobility so it just works. Streamline is uniquely equipped with industry-leading mobility strategists and architects who work with you to understand your needs and develop a strategy that fits your goals. We will maximize your ROI with IT Transformation and process optimization that will solve your current issues and prepare you for the future.

Smart Support
Product Suite

Managing iOS for the Enterprise just got a whole lot easier. The smart support product suite reimagines the way companies provision, maintain and support iOS devices (iPad and iPhone). We have developed intuitive and easy-to-use solutions with operations staffs in mind, taking the guess work out of device management and analytics. 

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